How to Press leaves

Camp Girls Leaves

Pressing colorful fall leaves is a fun activity for families and kids. It can become a fond family tradition once you learn how to do it.  Here’s how!

  1. Walk around your neighborhood or near by woods and collect colorful leaves. You can collect green ones too if you like. Try to get different types of leaves from a variety of trees. Avoid leaves that are moldy or have rot. Don’t run through private property without permission from home owners. If you can’t find leaves on the ground, ask permission to pick leaves off trees on private property.
  2. Before you press your leaves it is a good idea to make sure they are dry and flat. Place the leaves you wish to press between two sheets of newspaper. Place heavy books on top of your leaves. Allow to flatten and dry for at least 24 hours. While you are waiting for the leaves to dry you can look online or in books to identify your leaves.Note: Adult supervision is needed when using a hot iron.
  3. Now you will need:
    • Dried, flat leaves
    • Waxed Paper
    • Hot Iron
    • Ironing surface
  4. Place selected leaves between sheets of waxed papers. Gently press waxed paper with medium hot iron moving slowly over entire surface for about 10seconds. Repeat with remaining leaves you wish to press. Keep hands away from hot surface of iron. Waxed paper will be hot after pressing. Allow pressed leaves to cool before using.
  5. Once your pressed leaves are cool you can now show them off! You can trim around the edges of the waxed paper and place your pressed leaves on cards to send Fall wishes to someone. You can also place your leaves in a photo album or scrapbook with tags identifying your leaves. Pressed leaves also make wonderful sun catchers! Attach a string to your pressed leaves and hang them in a window.