Sleepaway Camps


Sleepaway Camps

Rockbrook is an “overnight” summer camp, an example of what some call a “sleepaway” camp. This means that girls come and spend the night at camp for several days or weeks. Another term you might hear is “residential,” but no matter which term— overnight, sleepaway, or residential —joining a session at Rockbrook means you’ll sleep in a cabin at night. On the other hand, some camps have campers only during the day. These are called “day camps.” Rockbrook does not have a day camp.

How about this… “At Rockbrook, campers are residents who sleepaway from home overnight.” :-)


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    • Profile photo of Jeff Carter says

      All of the stalls at camp, all 28 of them, are full over the summer, so we don’t allow girls to bring their own horse to Rockbrook. There are so many great horses here already!

  1. Madeline K says

    Hi! This coming summer will be my 4th year at Rockbrook. Last year i started to go to the full session and i loved it! It’s a great way to spend some more time with friends. I’ve been to other sleep away camps and this is the best one so far! Madeline Middler 2

  2. says

    Hi Marissa,

    Wow that is pretty cool, but we do not do that. Instead we find out how much you ride and pick out a horse that would be right for your skill level. That way everyone gets just the right horse.

    I am not sure what other camp to suggest. Just keep looking at NC camps.

    Good luck!


  3. Marissa Duck says

    I love horses more than I can ever say, my friend just told me there is a camp where the horse picks you. Do you do this at this camp? If not do you know camps that are near N.C., that do do that?

    Horse Lover,

    Marissa Duck

  4. Anonymous says

    Hello, my name is Abby Marmer, and i am applying for camps and i am not quite sure if this is the one…
    Help me find out.
    Abigail M.

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