The Real Toy Story…

Each year a new toy falls into fashion. In 1952 Mr. Potato never had his head on straight. 1996 brought the Elmo Doll and his very ticklish tummy. Outer space hit Earth with the introduction of Furby in 1998. Barbie is the girl who has done it all since 1959. Koosh balls, Play-doh, Pogs, Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls, Raggedy Ann and Andy provide us with hours of entertainment. We love and play with them until their hair turns shabby and they’ve lost their malleability.  They take center stage in the imaginary worlds we create for them.

As we gain experience and maturity, toys slowly lose their luster. They’re pushed to the back of shelves and shoved into toy boxes to collect dust and make way for the next big thing that’s out on the market. Red yarn hair, hot pink clay, and a potato with a face don’t quite have the zip they once did in our lives, and so each each year a new toy falls out of fashion.

Summer camp, however, is an experience that never fades. The magic that we experience while in our haven in the woods follows us an entire lifetime. Dust bunnies never gather around our camp memories. Camp never makes way for the next big thing. It is the most precious gift we can give a child.

What are you giving your kids this holiday season?

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