The Heart of a Wooded Mountain

Camp lake 1932 from hill
Rockbrook Camp, 1932

Check out this great old photograph we found in a camp scrapbook that was recently donated to Rockbrook.  The Lakeview Lodge and Vesper Rock are the stars of the show!  They are central to camp life and seem to always show up in photographs of the girls doing evening program.

If you have not been to camp recently you will be relieved to know that it still looks very much the same as in this wonderful old photograph.  The trees are a bit taller but the feel of camp is just like this picture!  If you look really hard you may even see Mrs. Carrier in the front left of the image, walking down the road wearing white.

We love the unique perspective of this photo of our North Carolina home as it was taken from the hill where the gym currently stands. Be sure to click on the photo  to see a larger version of the image.


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