Summer Camps for Girls Only

Camps for Girls Only

Another great quote from a Rockbrook alumna:

My favorite thing is returning year after year and spotting a friend from the previous year and knowing that even though you didn’t see each other since last summer… you instantly had a best friend for the next couple of weeks.

Yep, making these kinds of friends is probably the coolest part of coming to camp.


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  1. Avatar for Kierra Norris
    Kierra Norris
    17 years ago

    I’m very interested in your camp for girls. My daughter is 12 years old and likes cheering,swimming,rock climbing,tumbling and rafting. Please send us information.

    Thank You,
    Janella Guntner

  2. Avatar for kara rain
    kara rain
    17 years ago

    i want to send myself on a trip. have to talk mom into it though. im 12 years old and i want to have some awesome fun and meet new peeps. I like soccer, hiking, rock climbing, and basketball. i would love to try rafting…not white water though! do u think this is a good camp for me?