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Summer Camp Girl Friends

We bumped into an article the other day by Anne O’Connor entitled, Is Summer Camp Good for Her?  It’s a great discussion of why traditional overnight summer camps offer so much, and how many “specialty” camps (e.g., computer camp, soccer camp, etc.) often lose track of important social benefits.  The article quotes Dr. Chris Thurber. He says camps are not about “the equipment or specific attractions— it’s the friends.” He claims, “it’s much more valuable to have social skills and a friendship base than to be an expert soccer player.”

What caught our eye was the quote in the article from a Rockbrook dad describing the value of the camp friendships his daughter made over the years. He also describes the skills she developed as well. “When they have to be independent, when they have the responsibility for planning their days, their self-esteem goes through the roof,” he said.

Camps— so good in so many ways! 🙂


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  1. Avatar for davide bresquar
    davide bresquar
    15 years ago

    Summer camps can be a real change in the life of teenagers; just put 40 kids from 20 different countries for five weeks in a wonderful location and inspire them to play, to learn new languages and to have fun. The bonding experience will be enormous!

  2. Avatar for ngnoble
    15 years ago

    the guy is right it’s the friends. yeah RBC in the news!