Camp Alumnae Hike to Kilroy’s Cabin

Rockbrook Camp Alumnae enjoyed a hike during our last summer camp reunion

During our camp reunion in 2009 one of the most popular events was the hike to Kilroy’s Cabin which is up past Castle Rock.   Jerry took a large group of hikers on one of his wild adventures to find Kilroy’s. The group returned with wild stories, dirty clothes and big smiles on their faces!

The legend of Kilroy is famous in Rockbrook history and everyone has their own version of the story.  What is your favorite Kilroy story?   Just watch out if you have red hair and green eyes… You may not want to go up there!

We are all looking forward to our next reunion which will happen during the end of August 2011!  We will gather again to celebrate 90 years of summer fun, friendships, and wonderful adventures (and a crazy hike to Kilroy’s of course).  We hope you will be able to join us!  Stay tuned for more information…


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  1. Avatar for Helen Minton Knouf
    Helen Minton Knouf
    14 years ago

    Any Kilroy story that Phyllis Shaw tells is my favorite! As a Middler I always felt like she personally knew Kilroy and Cynthia. In fact, right now I can still her calling “Cynthia, Cynthia….” like Kilroy did!

  2. Avatar for Anonymous
    11 years ago

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