Girls Summer Adventure Activities

Girls Outdoor Adventure Rock Climbing

Here’s a middler (who’s finished either the 5th or 6th grade of school) climbing up the route called “Whim” on Castle Rock. It’s just one of the rock climbing routes we have on the camp property. There are definitely some challenging spots, with a cool “foot-switch” move about half way up, so we’ve given it a rating of 5.6. Look at the fancy “mantle” move she is doing by pushing down with her palm. Overall, this climb is about 70 feet high, but it feels much higher because it’s got an amazing view of the French Broad River valley from the top.

Just a glimpse into the great outdoor adventure we have at camp.


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  1. Avatar for mike
    17 years ago

    Hi, in fact there are few sports where girls can compete, and beat, boys as in rock climbing. Boys have a bad habit to use their muscles instead of climbing technically. Among the world top climbers for now there are only a few that have made a French 9a+ rating, among them a girl, Josune Bereziartu.

    However, the beauty with climbing is not about being the best, instead it is the feeling doing it, the experience, the thing to improve competing only with yourself and your ability.

    For me rock climbing has, and is, a way to relax and to find new beautiful spots of nature. Trying to share this at with thousands of pictures from more than 100 rock climbing spots in Europe.

  2. Avatar for blh
    13 years ago

    Girls can compete and win in sports.