Activities for Girls at Camp

Dressing up at summer camp

One of the best parts of being at camp, and particularly an all-girls camp, is how easy it is to relax and find yourself acting kind of goofy. With less judgment and a non-competitive community vibe, there seems to always be a chance to dress up in some crazy costume or combine some silly things to wear for a creative game.

When everyone’s into it, and there aren’t any guys around, it’s great to just let loose and try on a different look. Thinking back on it later, back at home or school, it shows how what you wear really doesn’t matter that much to who you are. 🙂


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  1. MEGAN
    15 years ago


  2. Griffin B.
    15 years ago

    yeah! that’s one of the things i love about RBC! you get to be yourself and there’s less pier preasure because there are NO guys!