Our Directors

Sarah and Jeff Carter are the owners and directors of Rockbrook. Sarah began working at RBC in 1985 as a counselor and has served full-time as the Assistant Director. She holds a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University, and has many years experience working with children and parents, both as a teacher and as an administrator. Jeff attended Davidson College, earned a master’s from Harvard University, and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He began working at RBC in 1988 as a hiking and climbing guide, and has directed the Castle Rock Institute, a college outdoor program associated with Rockbrook. Sarah and Jeff live in Brevard, North Carolina with their 11-year-old daughter Eva and their 7-year-old daughter Lily.

Jeff Sarah Eva Lily - Carter Family North Carolina Camps Directors

Jerry Stone in North CarolinaJerry Stone is the Director Emeritus at Rockbrook. He began working as a camp director in 1961. Since 1967, he has held various positions with Rockbrook in North Carolina, and has been the director since 1984. During the summer he can be found leading hikes, climbing trips and river and lake paddling outings.
Sofie EhlingerSofie Ehlinger is the Staff Director at Rockbrook. After working as a lifeguard at the waterfront and being a senior counselor, she now works full-time recruiting and training staff members at camp. Sofie is a graduate of UNC-Asheville where she majored in Sociology and also earned a teaching certificate. When not at Rockbrook you can find Sofie curled up with a cup of hot tea and a good book!
Chase NelsonChase Nelson is the Program Director at Rockbrook. After being a camper and a senior counselor at RBC, she now plans camp activities and special summer events, manages camper recruitment, and assists families as they register for camp sessions. Chase grew up in Brevard and could not be happier to be back and working full time at camp. She attended the University of Tennessee and was graduated with a degree in Global Studies.
Grace WallaceGrace Wallace is the Associate Director at Rockbrook. She spent her first summer here in 1999, and has returned for several summers since as both a camper and a counselor. She became a director in 2013, and now spends her summers planning events, organizing trips, and singing camp songs way too loudly. Grace grew up in Mississippi, and has a degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan.
Clyde CarterClyde Carter is the Adventure Director at Rockbrook. During the school year, Clyde is the Associate Professor of Recreation/Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education at Brevard College. He has a B.A. from Clemson and a Master’s Degree from Minnesota State University. With his extensive backpacking, rock climbing and whitewater boating experience, he has assisted Rockbrook’s outdoor adventure program for more than 15 years.

Rockbrook is a North Carolina Camp well known in the national summer camp movement. Since 1921, Rockbrook camp has enjoyed outstanding leadership. Our current Directors, Sarah and Jeff Carter, each have more than 20 years experience at Rockbrook, and have together held most of the administrative positions at camp throughout their tenure. They are both educators and have taught children in pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, college and graduate school.

Prior to the Carters, Rockbrook’s directors were also known for their leadership. Our senior staff members and directors have had experience in education, child development, and experiential programs. The majority of our seasonal staff have been associated with Rockbrook in the past, as either former campers or counselors. This experience, coupled with further orientation and training, help us provide an excellent camp staff.

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