Kids at camp ready for paddling adventure

The American Camp Association, through which we receive our accreditation, has many useful tips, online videos and links for camp parents. You’ll find the videos especially helpful.

Another camp professional we always recommend is Chris Thurber. He is a clinical psychologist who, with his many years of experience working with camp kids, has written a wonderful book about summer camp and how both parents and kids can get the most out of a camp experience. It’s called The Summer Camp Handbook. If you think your child might be homesick once she goes off to camp, we highly recommend you read through this site, and even purchase the DVD available on that topic.

Published in 2012, we have long recommended parents explore Homesick and Happy: How Time away from Parents can Help a Child Grow, by Michael Thompson. This a wonderful take on the value of a summer camp experience for children. It provides parents a valuable framework to understand better the fun their kids have at camp, and how the challenges of the experience are just as important.

Finally, we’ve written a number of articles about camp life, the distinguishing features of camp, and the many ways camp benefits kids.

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