How will Opening Day work?

The big day has arrived, and we’re excited to welcome you to Rockbrook! To help us minimize too many cars arriving at once, we ask that you arrive at a certain time according to the grade of your camper. This is important for a smooth arrival and check-in process. Thank you for your cooperation.

Grade Completed:

K-3rd grade – 8:30am
4th grade – 9:00am
5th grade – 9:30am
6th grade – 10:00am
7th grade – 10:30am
8th grade – 11:00am
9th grade – 11:30am
Hi-Ups – 3:00pm-4:00pm on the prior Saturday.

Horse Camp – 10:00am (all grades)

These arrival times are according to the grade your child has just finished.
If you have more than one camper in different grades, please arrive at the earlier time.
And thank you for your patience too!

Once you arrive at Rockbrook, you will first enter the Rockbrook Horseback Riding Center, located just south of the main camp entrance. Look for the “Enter” signs.

This will begin a “drive through” check-in procedure that will include stops for meeting the directors, office staff, and nurses.

After checking in at the riding center, you will then drive into camp through the main entrance to meet your counselors and unload your luggage. This will be the last stop, and will be the time to say your goodbyes.

We know this may be a difficult time for families, but rest assured, our counselors will take extra care helping your daughter get settled into her cabin and begin the fun of meeting her bunk mates. We have found that this drop off method helps children feel more connected to their cabin mates and adjust to camp more quickly.

Don’t worry parents! You’ll be able to tour camp on closing day with your personal tour guide. 🙂

We will distribute pre-ordered camp gear, and do our regular head lice check after parents depart. Camp will launch into action right away!

great Rockbrook camp girls