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Our Directors

If you ever have a question or concern about your camper, how she is adjusting to camp life, interacting with her counselors and other campers, or even just liking the food, we encourage you to contact our Directors by calling our office. We are more than happy to give you an update at any time.

Likewise, if we ever feel your daughter is struggling for some reason (for example, homesickness), we will certainly reach out to you, explain what’s happening and let you know how we are helping her work through the issue. In all such cases, we will work together to help your daughter.


Snail Mail! Campers love to receive regular mail. Everyday after lunch, everyone is excited to check their mailbox for cards and letters. Give her camp address out to friends and relatives, along with a suggestion to focus more on what she is doing at camp than on details at home. Keep the tone encouraging and positive. Send USMail to our regular Post Office Box (Camper’s Name, RBC, P.O. Box 792, Brevard, NC 28712).

It is also important to note that mail can take longer than usual, simply because Brevard’s small-town post office gets overwhelmed with mail from the numerous summer camps in the area. Plan on a few extra days for letters to be received.

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Email! You may also send your daughter emails while she is at camp. Once per day, we print emails and deliver them to the campers. Please note that campers are unable to respond via email. There is no charge for this service, but we ask parents, friends and relatives to limit their emails to one per day, and to please not send photos or e-cards. Send camper emails to: with the camper’s first and last name in the “subject line.”

Packages. We have found that campers receiving packages, especially when compared to those that do not, can have a negative effect on the camp community. For this main reason, we have a no packages policy. Of course, if there is something that must be sent (for example, a forgotten pair of riding boots or even a birthday present), we are happy to make an exception. Please contact our office to receive approval before sending any package. Please note that all packages without approval will be returned.

Letters from Her Counselor

You’ll receive a note from your camper’s counselor. She’ll include information about what activities your camper has signed up for, how she getting along in the cabin, and even some exciting upcoming events! You are also welcome to call the office and ask to speak to the counselor or a director personally.

Camp News and Photo Updates

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Throughout your camper’s session, we will upload thousands of photos to an online photo gallery. This is a great way for you to see what been going on at camp each day. Just login to your Parent Account and you’ll have access.

Another way to keep up with what’s going on at camp is to subscribe to our camp blog. Various Directors and staff members post updates and regular news about camp.

You can also follow us on Instagram!

Visitor Policy

Rockbrook does not have a parents’ visitation day. We have found that campers do best when they do not have visitors during camp. Readjusting to camp following a visit can be difficult, especially for a homesick camper. If you would like to see camp yourself, plan to have your daughter be your “tour guide” on closing day when she can share her favorite places with you.