Camp – A Place to Recharge

Rockbrook Camp, founded 1921, Lake and Lodge View
Rockbrook Lake and Lodge, 1921

In a time when we all lead such busy lives it is nice to have a place like Rockbrook where you can step out of the hustle and bustle of the modern world and live a more simple and thoughtful  life.  We recently discovered a chapter in the Rockbrook Memories Book that was written in the 1960’s that expresses this same thought.   Whether it be the 1960’s or the 2010’s, we all appreciate that Rockbrook provides a haven for girls to reconnect with themselves, friends and the natural world.

“Living in a world so filled with change that it is difficult to communicate with one’s grandchildren, it is good to know that girls still enjoy living close to Nature, hiking down mountain trails, sleeping under the stars, cooking over an open fire and swimming in a rocky pool.  It is refreshing to discover that there is one area, at least, where time has stood practically still.  That area is summer camping where a cardinal is still a cardinal and although one may picnic on plastic instead of paper, one gets the same thrill from a mountain sunset or a flamboyant rainbow covering the earth with its semi-circle of jeweled colors.”– Mary Bissell McIver Thompson

Rockbrook Party in Charlottesville, VA

Rockbrook Camp Alumnae gather in Charlottesville
Sarah, McKenzie, Mercer and Mandy enjoy a visit in VA

During the fall and winter we travel around the country sharing Rockbrook with potential campers, current campers and their families.  We always love it when Rockbrook Alumnae are able to join us at the parties and share their camp memories and stories.

Just a few weeks ago we had a great show in Charlottesville, VA and were thrilled to be joined by McKenzie Harper Inigo and Mercer Reeves.  McKenzie and Mercer were both campers and counselors for many years.  Mandy and Sarah enjoyed getting to catch up with both of them! Those Rockbrook friendships sure are special no matter how many years it has been since you were at camp together!