Working at Camp

Get Ready for Rockbrook — This summer!

Get ready for probably the most intense, fun-filled, and rewarding summer job you’ve ever had. Having a summer camp job is just that— an often life-changing experience. This is the place to learn more about working at Rockbrook, gain a glimpse into life at RBC as a staff member, and hopefully answer your questions. But first, take a few minutes and watch this video (7:21) about being a Rockbrook camp counselor. The whole thing is a must see!

Why Work at a Summer Camp?

Camp Counselor JobThere are so many things you could choose to do this summer, so what makes a summer camp job so special? If you want to make a positive difference in the lives of children and love being active outdoors, then working at a summer camp can’t be beat. Being a camp counselor really is a unique opportunity. It’s not only way more fun than most other jobs, it’s really valuable for you later in life because of the skills you’ll gain and develop. There’s no doubt; “camp counselor” looks great on your resume!

Here are just a few of things you can experience in your summer camp job at Rockbrook:

  • Live in a beautiful mountain setting far away from the hustle and bustle
  • Help children grow and learn new skills
  • Develop leadership and other new areas of interest
  • Join a tight-knit friendly community
  • Make incredible friendships and memories
  • Earn and save some money
  • Have a blast with other college students and campers in the outdoors

Why work at Rockbrook?

Camp Counselor TeachingEach summer since 1921, Rockbrook has gathered outstanding staff members. Truly great people work here, get to know each other amazingly well, have lots of fun, and in the end gain really valuable life skills. At Rockbrook, you will find a vintage camp experience: wooden cabins, campfires, silly songs, children full of energy, and a variety of activities. But Rockbrook is even more than that; it is a place that you’ll grow to call home. Once you have been a part of the Rockbrook community, its spirit sticks and will be with you for many years to come.