Arts and Crafts Activities

Pottery Ceramics Arts ActivitiesWork with clay in one of Rockbrook’s two pottery studios and learn hand-building techniques or throwing pots on the potter’s wheel.
Try weaving baskets, working a loom, knitting or needlepoint at our fiber arts cabin we call “Curosty”- a mountain word for crafts.Fiber Arts Weaving Activity
Camp Tie Dye Crafts ProjectsTie dyeing, batiking, paper making, fabric painting and much more!
Add some beads and you’ll have a really cool necklace!Bead Crafting Arts Camp

A girls summer camp would not be complete without a fun and extensive crafts program. Rockbrook girls summer camp has a wide variety of arts and crafts activities from pottery to paper making. Creative expression is a wonderful way for a camper to enhance her sense of self.

The camp ceramics program is one of the more popular arts and crafts activities. With hand building and wheel-thrown techniques, Rockbrook girls have the opportunity to make just about anything in pottery class. Like all crafts at Rockbrook, the girls may take home all their pottery creations as keepsakes of their summer camp experience.

In “Hobby Nook” and “Curosty” campers get to make projects like mosaic tile coasters and leather journals as well as beautiful beaded jewelry, potholders and friendship bracelets. The needlecraft activity teaches knitting, crocheting and cross stitch needlepoint. At a girls summer camp, we know how important it is to receive mail from family and friends. In “Keep in Touch,” campers learn the art of letter writing by making handmade stationary and greeting cards. Tie-dyeing t-shirts, personalizing bandanas and pillowcases make up a small number of the crafts you can create in “Hodge Podge.”

With six unique craft activity areas, it is easy to explore your creativity at Rockbrook Girls’ Summer Camp!

Arts and Craft Camp Activities