Grace Duffy

Grace Duffy

My name is Grace! I live in Charlottesville, Virginia, and have attended Rockbrook for 6 years as a camper. I am so excited come back to camp as a CIT this year! Rockbrook has always been a beautiful, calm, and inviting place for me, and I cannot wait to be back.

Fun Facts

A Surprising Thing About Me

I’m a huge typology nerd. If you ever want to know your myers-briggs, enneagram, or big five type, I’m the one to a

Favorite Quote

It is better to know one book intimately than to know a hundred superficially »- Donna Tarte (The Secret History)

Favorite Movie

I have many, but my favorite at the moment has to be Black Swan

With an hour of free time, I like to...

Sit outside and either crochet or read

Sing, Dance, or Both?

Dance! I have been dancing for nine years and it is one of the things that makes me happiest

Last Book I Read?

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Personal Interests

Dancing, theatre, crochet, watching movies, tarot, and music

Favorite Camp Food

Cheesy bread with tomato soup