Jaelyn Wilson

Jaelyn Wilson

Hi hi!! I’m so excited to be back! It’s my 4th year here at Rockbrook. I’m from Atlanta, GA and I love coming back to camp every year for the peace it brings. I have 3 siblings so I’m no stranger to taking care of others and juggling tasks 😂. I’m ready to meet some new friends during 1st session and say hi to all my old friends! Make sure to come visit me in needlecraft! Let’s crochet together!!

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote

“Get better idols”

Favorite Movie

Pride and Prejudice

With an hour of free time, I like to...


Sing, Dance, or Both?


Last Book I Read?

A Touch of Darkness - Scarlett St. Clair

Personal Interests

Crocheting, reading, studying languages

Favorite Camp Food

Mac and Cheese