Rockbrook’s Philosophy

summer camps for kidsAt Rockbrook we believe a summer camp for kids should be both fun and formative, both exciting and supportive, both challenging and rewarding.
We believe young girls thrive best when encouraged to make decisions for themselves, to engage new physical and creative activities, and to develop meaningful friendships.overnight kids camps
kids summer campsRockbrook is a place for girls to explore nature, to learn new skills, and to develop a stronger sense of self.

Rockbrook is a traditional sleepaway summer camp for girls located in the mountains of western North Carolina. Established in 1921, Rockbrook continues to provide a diverse program of noncompetitive, residential summer camp activities.

We believe summer camps for kids should provide more than just fun and excitement. For this reason Rockbrook has a highly motivated, superbly trained, and enthusiastic staff, offers a wide range of outdoor and creative activities, maintains a beautiful natural setting, and strives to encourage and support young girls as they explore new experiences.

As a girls summer camp, Rockbrook values the unique relationships formed in an all-girls environment. Free from the distractions of the opposite gender, girls are generally more self-confident, supportive and open to forging lasting friendships. At Rockbrook, campers often recall their summer camp experiences as some of the most meaningful of their lives.

Rockbrook’s Mission is to provide a haven for girls,
a place of their own,
where they can explore the beauty of nature,
try new things, enjoy carefree summer living,
and make some of their very best friends.

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