Shannon Ayres

Shannon Ayres

Hello all! My name is Shannon and I am so so excited to be back at camp! My last summer was my HUP year which was four years ago, crazy! I grew up in Alexandria. VA, right outside of DC where I attended high school. I am now a rising junior at Colgate University in Upstate New York. I am so excited to be in NC for the summer because the last day I was in NY (April 30th) it snowed! So I am ready for summer!

I am so excited to be coming back to camp as a counselor and lifeguard. My counselors were always one of my favorite aspects of camp. I actually reconnected with an old counselor recently, so their influence really does live on. My favorite thing about the lake is always working on mermaid laps and the polar plunge! I also so ready to be able to log-off of everyday stress for a while and relax and have fun at camp. Camp was always my reset time and I think we all need it more than ever this year. Can’t wait to see everyone!

Fun Facts

A Surprising Thing About Me

I speak four languages! (sorta, I am working on it)

Favorite Movie

A Sound of Music (I watch it with my grandma every Thanksgiving)

With an hour of free time, I like to...


Sing, Dance, or Both?

Not good at either, but Dance!

Last Book I Read?

Lady Clementine (about Winston Churchill's wife)

Personal Interests

I really love photography and baking

Favorite Camp Food