Juanybeth Morales

Juanybeth Morales

Hello!! I am 23 years old and an international student from Panama. I study at the University of Arkansas (Woo Pig Sooie!). I major in Psychology with minors in Italian and Social Work. I speak Spanish as native language, English and Italian.
I am so excited to be working at Rockbrook camp this summer because as a former Girl Scout, I have always loved camps. I’m counting the days to meet all the campers and learn new things from each of them. This will be my first summer at Rockbrook, so I am looking forward to make long-lasting friendships.

Fun Facts

A Surprising Thing About Me

Still have a baby tooth

Favorite Quote

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs

With an hour of free time, I like to...

Take naps

Sing, Dance, or Both?


Last Book I Read?

Harry Potter

Personal Interests

Dance, read, play volleyball, volunteer

Favorite Camp Food

Can't wait to try them