Ella Boudreau

Elle Boudreau

Hi friends! i’m beyond ECSTATIC to be back in my favorite place this summer! I will be a senior in high school next school year and hope to end up at The University of Oregon to study psychology and continue studying American Sign Language! Ive grown up in Clearwater, Florida and have two puppies named Eleanor and Theodore (teddy)! I have loved every counselor i’ve had at RBC and everything they’ve taught me about being my authentic self and just hope i can do that for my campers too! I LOVE watching movies, reading, making jewelry, going to the beach with my friends and snacking! I’m so ready for another great year at camp!

Fun Facts

A Surprising Thing About Me

I can label every country in Africa in under a minute!

Favorite Quote

“If the mountain seems too high today, hike the hill instead” -unknown

Favorite Movie

Uptown Girls

With an hour of free time, I like to...


Sing, Dance, or Both?

Sing! (although not a pleasant sound)

Last Book I Read?

“Little Do We Know” by Tamara Ireland Stone

Personal Interests

Doing crafts! & Taking pictures of my smiling friends!

Favorite Camp Food

funfetti muffins & mac and cheese!!