Study Break

Study, study, study! Because our staff will spend the next few weeks with their nose in a book, we thought it might be fun to compile a “take a little break” list. Between the coffee, papers, and note cards, feel free to treat yourself!

Rockbrook Camp’s Take-a-Little-Break-List: Exam Week Edition

1. Watch the latest video in theĀ Dove Real Beauty Campaign

Dove Real Beauty Campaign

Photo Courtesy of Eonline

2. Go outside!

Traditional Summer Camp3. Eat a muffin.


Photo Courtesy of The Food Network



4. Get inspired by learning about Caine’s Arcade .


Photo Courtesy of Forbes Magazine

5. Have a mini dance party.

Party Time


6. Name all the things that you love! Jessica’s Daily Affirmation


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7. Cuddle with a furry friend.

Barn8. Read a funny cartoon.

Camp Cartoons

Photo Courtesy of the New Yorker

9. Pack for camp!

Trunk10. Read this blog.






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