What's your favorite thing about Rockbrook?

“Making and being with new friends.”
“Being outside and trying new things.”
“It’s just so much fun!”
“Having such a beautiful place to explore.”
“The people!”
“The trips– rafting, climbing, and camping out.”
“Banquet and Spirit Fire.”
“Hiking to Castle Rock.”

What would you add? Let us know in the comments!


8 Responses to "What's your favorite thing about Rockbrook?"
  1. Nobody judges you……You can be your own self!!!! {Dolly’s isn’t half bad either!!}

  2. alyssa calloway says:

    the crazy pranks!!!

  3. getting to meet a bunch of new friends

  4. being with the friends i love and being in the place i love

  5. “Coming back to reunite with your friends, smelling the mountain air, and especially going to DOLLY’S!”

  6. No stress

  7. “Freezin’ in the lake and playin’ in the sun”

  8. Don’t forget going to Dolly’s!

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