Switching It Up

July 17, 2015
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Different special events, “Rockbrook Surprises,” switched up our day today. We like to do that around here, change our routine by announcing surprise events, establish an unexpected theme for the day, or offer additional activities that the girls can do instead of following their regular schedule. It might be having a pancake breakfast in the lodges, or making it “Side Ponytail Day” (or “Twin Day” or “Superhero Day,” for example), or offering a hula hoop making workshop, to name just a few recent examples. It’s part of the playful spirit at Rockbrook to be excited about surprises and changes like these, and it’s another way that everyday at camp is extra special.

Camp beach girl reading on towel camp girls blowing bubbleThe lifeguards surprised everyone by announcing that they would be hosting beach parties during the activity periods today. That meant bringing out the outdoor sound system to play fun summertime music, having bubbles to blow, frisbees to toss, and other games to play. It was a bright, sunny day today, so as the girls sunbathed, played and read, they enjoyed taking breaks for cool lemonade, and later cold frozen popsicles. It was a fun, yet easygoing scene, at times rising into a singing dance party, only to then slow down to apply more sunscreen and splash in the water a bit… a lovely beach in the North Carolina mountains!

Shaving Cream FightSlip and slide camp girlThe roar was deafening when Chase announced the next surprise after dinner: a shaving cream fight and slip-n-slide down at our sports field. And the roar came from all directions in the dining hall, from the area where the Junior campers sit and equally from the Senior area. Girls of all ages were pumped to participate. A shaving cream fight is pretty simple. You need everyone dressed in their swimsuits, a large grassy field, and enough shaving cream so everyone can be armed with a can. Like all great games, there’s no keeping score, no clear beginning or ending point, and the only reason to play is for the fun of it. Some girls would run up and spray you directly from their can, while others would load a blob in their hand and plaster it on your back or chest, or in your hair. Actually, just about anything goes, making part of the fun becoming completely covered with the stuff. There was a certain devilish grin on the girls’ faces as they raced around smearing their shaving cream, but also wide-eyed surprise when someone snuck up and smacked them on the neck with a handful of the white slippery foam. Painting designs in the foam and styling wild hair formations soon became part of the fun, but we also pulled out a long sheet of plastic so, with some water sprayed on it from a garden hose, we could have a slip-n-slide. We added a little soap to the plastic, but with everyone so covered in shaving cream, the girls had no trouble zipping down the slide. It took a short run and then a belly flop to ride about 80 feet! These photos (clicking them brings up a larger version) should give you a sense of just how fun and crazy an evening it was.

I can’t verify that this other special event happened, but many of the girls told me of a dream they had last night where they were woken up by glowing fairies and invited to a dance party on the hill. With bright, beautiful stars shining above, girls from all over the camp, every age group, were there dancing and eating candy and snacks. Was it real, or a figment of our collective imaginations? It’s hard to tell!

shaving cream group of girls

Miami Rockbrook Girls

January 31, 2011
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We’re back from a great trip down to Miami Florida talking summer camp with the girls down there, connecting with current campers Morgan E., Isadora K., Sarah G., and Bella M., and meeting a bunch of new girls interested in attending camp this summer. It was so great to see everyone come out on a Wednesday night.
Pizza Volante Camp PartyMiami Camp Pizza PartyRockbrook Camp Painting

Super camp dads Jonathan Eismann and Daniel Kron (of Genius Jones) got the word out to their friends in Miami and the Miami Beach area, and decided to hold the party at Pizza Volante, the Eismann’s awesome pizzeria restaurant in the design district of Miami. We all enjoyed tons of great pizza and cold drinks as we watched the Rockbrook movies and talked about our favorite sleepaway summer camp.

These parties are always such a fun way for campers to relive a bit of camp and for new girls to learn about Rockbrook and all the zany fun we have in the summer.

Next time you’re in the Miami area, be sure to stop by Pizza Volante for a perfect slice, and around the corner, check out Genius Jones and its functional, smartly-designed products for parents and children.

Pizza VolanteGenius Jones

Washington DC Camp Party

January 24, 2011
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Washington DC Summer Camps

We had a great visit to the home of the Newnams’ in Washington, DC recently for a summer camp party. Fellow campers Meg and Stephanie joined Anna and Lydia to see themselves in the Rockbrook slides and reminisce about last summer. Lots of their school friends also showed up to learn more about camp and to make s’mores on a frosty evening. It seems like there are many budding equestriennes in this group!

For current campers, these parties are a wonderful way to charge up your Rockbrook spirit and for new girls they’re a way to learn about Rockbrook and imagine themselves being a part of camp.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at camp next summer!

Charlotte Summer Camp Party

October 26, 2010
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Charlotte Girls Summer Camp Party

Last week Sarah and Mandy traveled down to visit with our Charlotte, NC summer camp girls, and show the new Rockbrook movie and slides from this past summer. There was a huge turnout of both current campers and new girls interested in finding out more about camp. Loads of summer camp excitement down in Charlotte NC!

Since these parties are both mini reunions and information sessions, they are great ways to recharge your Rockbrook Spirit and learn what makes RBC so special. Of course, they’re bound to be a little silly and guaranteed to be plenty of fun too! Thanks again to the Crutchfields for hosting the party. Everyone had a fantastic time!

Virginia Girls Come to Camp

February 3, 2010
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Summer Camps Virginia

Mandy had another fantastic Rockbrook summer camp party in Virginia recently. She was in Charlottesville, VA on her way home from Washington DC. The Zenkers hosted the party, and as you can see, had a nice turn out of campers and new families interested in camp. It’s an easy drive from Charlottesville, Virginia (about 6 hours away by car) to Rockbrook.

Looking forward to seeing you Virginia Girls at Camp!