Aromatherapy for Campers?

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Happy Camper Aromatherapy
We saw this the other day and couldn’t help but share it. A company called “Fairtale Wishes” is making an “aromatherapy spray” called “Happy Camper.” The spray smells like grape jelly, and according to the Web site, a child just sprays her pillow with the “magic” spray and the “sweet grape jelly scent will keep homesickness at bay.” The spray is perfect for when campers need “a little dose of home” because it is a “sweet smell that kids love.”

The company makes other scents designed for kids as well: “Super Hero Spray” (peppermint), “Monster Repellent” (Bubblegum) and “Sweet Dreams Spray” (Lavender).

It’s not clear how these different scents work, how effective the smell of grape jelly is when a child is feeling homesick, for example. There are well-tested and well-known tips for handling homesickness at camp, and while they don’t rely on our noses, having a slightly sweet smelling pillow can’t hurt either!

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