Caroline Rocks!

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This week, the RBC office is especially proud of Camper Caroline from New Orleans, LA. A few weeks ago, Caroline called us with a special request. Her Science class was doing a project on rock composition and Caroline wanted to do her report on Rockbrook’s very own Castle Rock! Her project required samples of the rock face, and Caroline wanted to know if we could send her a package with a few pieces of RBC’s signature rock. We happily sent a “Castle Rock Sampler”, filled with different sized chunks of the rock, but we did so on one condition: Caroline had to send us a picture of the finished product.

Well, not only did Caroline send us a photo of her masterpiece, but her parents also reported that she received an A on the project! How awesome is that?! We are beaming with pride over Caroline’s academic accomplishment, and we’re honored that Castle Rock was the subject of her studies. Thanks to Caroline, we know that Castle Rock is a metamorphosed igneous rock called “Gneiss”. Impressive stuff!

Way to go, Caro!


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